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Audiobook Demos

Humor | Susan Asks Her Glamma for Labiaplasty | F/F Dialogue
00:00 / 02:44
Psychological Thriller | Husband Discovers Wife in His Closet | M/F Dialogue
00:00 / 02:17
Non-Fiction Self Help | Exploring Depression Through Humor
00:00 / 01:47
YA | Daughter Discovers Zombie Dad | F/F Dialogue Child
00:00 / 01:35
Cozy Mystery | Reporter Visits Elderly Lotto Winner | M/F Dialogue British
00:00 / 02:29
Non-Fiction Educational | Intro to Interior Design
00:00 / 02:22
Psychological Fiction | Woman Wakes Up With No Memory | F/F Dialogue Southern
00:00 / 02:40

Other VO Demos

Commercial Demo
00:00 / 01:04

Meet Leigh

Picture 3 Wesbite.jpg

Accents: General British, Cockney, High British, Irish, New York, Valley Girl, Southern American

Broadcast Quality Home Studio:  AKG C1000 S microphone, Focusrite Scarlett Solo, Audacity, Izotrope RX8

Clean, raw, punched audio.  
Fully edited, mastered audio provided upon request.

Leigh is available to work in her home studio (local travel in Southern Florida) and travel as necessary.  


You can hear Leigh’s voice on Disney, dubbing telenovelas with NBC, and narrating a wide range of audiobooks.  You might even recognize her voice when you are calling your insurance company or watching a training video at work!  Her voice is a blend of Kathryn Hahn's sassy comedic wit & the bright warmth of Valerie Bertinelli. A mix of an empathic old soul & silly canine entertainer (her dog's a great audience).

20 years as a theater and voice actor have given her the opportunity to portray a range of characters.  A brave woman in WWII, a wacky best friend, scandalous seductress, a bold city lawyer, and everything in between.  She's narrated Humor, Fiction, Rom-Com, Children's, Thrillers & more. Leigh loves being a voice for mental health awareness, women’s issues & has a passion for non-fiction that uplifts the listener. With her drive to tell stories that inspire laughter & take people on a journey, she always strives to find hope & humor. Leigh enjoys getting swept away into the world of her characters & is inspired by her love of observing quirky strangers in the grocery store.

Originally a Jersey girl, complete with big hair and singing Madonna into her hairbrush, she ventured to New York and earned her BFA from NYU.  Experiencing the mix of cultures and personalities in the city felt like home, and inspired her love of traveling the world.  Leigh is grateful to have had the opportunity to go on an African safari and explore local culture when visiting an orphanage.  To take in the awe-inspiring Northern Lights in Finland and visit Prague where her husband Peter was born.


Leigh also has a background in the interior design business. Her projects were featured in several publications, including the cover of Florida Design Magazine.  Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to some philanthropic endeavors, as she co-founded a pet brand that was promoted in Life and Style Magazine for donating to animal rescue and women's cancer charities. She can get lost diving into a uniquely creative DIY project or feel ultimate peace sitting on the beach watching the ocean. Her love of her dog Bazby, and all rescue dogs, is a constant source of joy.  


Happy Clients

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People are saying

"Leigh Serling has worked with us on many successful campaigns, her voice talent and professionalism are a rare find!"

Matt May, Verve Central Production

"Leigh did a very professional performance on my book and I was very excited to hire her again for my next 2 projects! She really gave it her all in the narration and in offering distinct performances for all characters. My story came to life!"

Gary Starta, Author

"Leigh is my go to narrator. We have worked on several projects together, she is highly professional and has a very diverse vocal range."

Duccio Manfredi, Author

“Working with Leigh is a true pleasure. Very professional

and easy to work with.  She expedited our project to meet a deadline! We will definitely hire her again!”

Bonnie S., Director of Marketing, APS Belmar Pharmacy


Contact Leigh

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Thanks for reaching out!
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Leigh Serling

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